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Retail Industry

According to National Retail Security Survey, Shoplifting is second largest source of inventory shortage, this one area alone accounts for 34% of retail businesses annual Shrinkage and Loss. Estimated loss $10.5 billion per year from retail business in United States. Call us, we will guide you to the best CCTV and loss prevention technologies to place that can help you prevent theft and vandalism.
Store employees can sometimes be dishonest; adding a video text interface will help owner check transactions, spot loss and resolve disputes.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars, now a days faces unique security challenges. Employee turnover, and constant changing customer leaves the business at particular high risk of theft. A well installed digital security system can significantly improve security, and safety of employee, customer, as well as business owner. Some Security Considerations:Do you have problems with dine and dash customer theft? Do you have problem with employee theft (stealing from register, giving out free drinks, or food? How do you monitor your rush hour traffic, employee performance, delivery, and disputes? Have you experienced any acts of violence (threats, fights) recently or in past? Call us for free Risk Assessment

Home/ Residential Solutions

According to the FBI, the average $$$ loss per burglary in the U.S. is $2,096. Victims of burglary offence suffers an estimated $4.6 billion in lost property. Adding to criminal justice expenditures, is estimated to cost apx $20,000. That's far more than the cost of basic CCTV solutions, and it doesn't include the emotional damage it impacts on your family.
Protect your family and home using affordable CCTV solutions. Security Cameras adds a layer of security and peace of mind.

Warehouse Solutions

Warehouse and storage facilities spread out over extensive space can be very challenging to secure and monitor. Implementing digital CCTV systems will not only deter theft, but help security guards and managers to focus on high risk areas at the palm of their hand. PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras can be perfect solutions. We can help you set up PTZ and other technologies to secure your security issues.

Law Enforcement

Whether you are on patrol (body-worn surveillance), managing event security, conducting covert video surveillance (sting operation), setting up a video surveillance for your correctional facility, vehicle surveillance , or tactical surveillance we can guide you selecting the best technologies available in the market. Call us for more information.

HealthCare Solutions

CCTV Security Solutions can help provide high quality healthcare. CCTV surveillance can mitigate expenses associated with theft, false accident or injury claims, drug diversion, etc. It can help prevent infant abduction, monitor patients, and alerting security personnel when crowds exceed a defined size.

office/ Business solutions

Modern business require technological infrastructure comprised of expensive servers, workstations, hardware, networking devices to keep themselves competitive. The theft of any of the systems puts company into financial loss and impact their clientage. We can help you decide the best CCTV technology to protect your investment.

Banking Industry

High Definition IP Cameras surveillance systems give back staff and customers the peace of mind that their assets and safety being watched.

Our Services

Maintenance Plans

We offer One Year, Two Year Optional Service Plans. Plans start as low as $29.00 per month.
Call us for free consultation at 844-648-4878. We promise you to provide the best options available for your home or business solutions.

Loss Prevention- Video Text Interface

Video Cameras alone are not enough to spot theft and fraud !!

Normal Video Recording

Video Recording after Installation of Video Text Interface

The photo sequence in this image shows Interface in action. With a video text interface installed the transaction text is inserted into the security camera video for monitoring and recording. This will allow a store owner to double check transactions and have a record of any unauthorized transactions.The store owner can spot loss and resolve disputes.