Camera Types


Box Camera

These cameras are known for their high quality video. The lower the lux, better the camera can see in pitch black. Box Camera is a wall mount or ceiling mount unit which is designed mainly for indoor use; however it is also used outdoor in a protective case. Box cameras are often found in banks, and convenience stores.

Dome Camera

Dome Camera gets the name from its dome shape. This camera comes in vandalism proof housing which is difficult to destroy. This comes in clear, black, or mirrored covers. Basically used for small business, retail outlets, and in office building. It is a strong deterrent to theft, fraud, and vandalism.

Infrared/Night Vision Cameras

These Infrared(IR) night vision cameras have the ability to see images in pitch black light conditions using infrared bulbs. At daylight capture color images and at night turns black and white automatically.

IP Camera

Internet Protocol surveillance camera are in high demand for crystal clear surveillance, especially government buildings, banking, gaming and casino to protect and detect fraudulent activities. The clearer the images, it is easier to discern faces, people, and other details captured by the camera. IP cameras can operate over the network without power supply (POE) Power over Ethernet.

High Definition Camera

Today High Definition cameras have replaced the analog cameras. Cost is almost equal to analog cameras. It gives high quality clear, and crisp images. This is best solution at affordable prices, and can be used in residential or commercial installation.

PTZ (Pan,Tilt,Zoom) Camera

Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras give the operator the ability to move the camera left or right, up and down, and zoom the lens closer or farther. These are best used in high security or surveillance areas, where a person is dedicated for its operation. Especially in Airports, Malls, Casinos, Correctional Facilities.

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High Definition Composite Video Interface is a brand new technology revolution. HD-CVI Cameras can run on co-axial cables as well as on cat-6 network cables. It gives high definition images a true alternative to IP cameras. It transmit up to 1080p video resolutions (1920 x 1080) over the standard coaxial cable.

Important Info

Analog CCTV vs High Definition Camera

High Definition digital images are sharper and clearer than analog surveillance cameras. Analog Cameras are limited to 960h resolution which is 960x480 pixels. High Definition cameras can transmit upto 1080p resolution (3 MP) which is 1920x 1080 pixels. High definition cameras give up to 400% greater resolution than the analog cctv camera.
Now a days the price of High definition camera is same as that of analog camera. You definitely gets more resolution for the dollar with HD Technology.

Wired vs Wireless Cameras

Well this is the question now a days everyone is asking when it comes to installation issues. Wireless cameras require a sight with no obstacles, which is first issue, secondly wireless security is other main concern; anyone can get a cheap wireless receiver, and monitor everything your wireless camera is broadcasting to the DVR.
Wired cameras need coaxial cable run from camera to dvr location, but offers much better video quality, and longer lifespan as compared to wireless. If you are looking for reliability, security, and video quality go for wired installation.

Hidden Cameras

Also called spy cameras, the highest form of surveillance, market is flooded with innovation like hidden lens in Smoke detectors, Motion detectors, clocks, mail boxes,etc. Especially when want to catch a smart thief, or dishonest employee, to watching the baby sitter, or pet sitter, hidden cameras are great tool that brings desired results and peace of mind.
It should be noted that hidden cameras doesn't have infrared and are not weather proof. Its quality reduces significantly in low light conditions. Despite that it has many advantages for law enforcement, assisted living, homes.